ZANGERSHEIDEThe number one breeding festival of the year

ZANGERSHEIDE in Belgium is getting ready for the FEI WORLD BREEDING JUMPING CHAMPIONSHIPS FOR YOUNG HORSES 16 – 20 SEPTEMBER 2015 including the Belgian Jumping Championship, Sires of the World, Stallion Selection and Auction.

Photo Malene Nilssen

From 16 until 20 September Domain Zangersheide is the centre from which showjumping talents conquer the world. This closing event of the breeding season has become an established value in the international showjumping world! In unparalleled manner the relationship between sport, breeding and the trade is place don show before world-wide interest.

In the FEI World Breeding Jumping Championships for Young Horses 5-, 6- and 7-yr-old horses jump for the world titles in three arenas with all-weather floors! And winning is worth it in many way, a place on the honourary platform gives the winners world title status and the breeders and the riders are rewarded with a premium.

Who are the new talents? To answer that question is the difficult task of the jury at the Stallion Selection of Studbook Zangersheide. Highly promising and ambitious stallions are critically viewed. The best will get a chance to prove themselves in breeding.

At the Zangersheide Quality Auctions the very best foals are auctioned. The older stallions play a prominent role because in the FEI Sires of the World they can show their talent and jumping power to the professional world. With this competition the circle is closed as in this 5 day event in September all aspects are covered. From foal to top-class sport horse and from newly licensed stallion to established sire.

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Therese Stub Alhaug
Therese Stub Alhaug


Therese is the editor of Equilife, and is truly dedicated to equestrian sports and horses. She started riding as a little girl, and enjoys her free time with her two horses back home. Portrait interview is her favorite topic, as it has the gift to inspire others through peoples stories, knowledge, training and general life-philosophy, and certainly, their lives with horses.

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