We’ve all heard the line “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, well that’s probably true for any great achievement, including equestrian sports.

Editor’s note: Therese Alhaug. Photo Stéphane Mirão, Philippa Davin, Malene Nilssen.

The art of consistency doesn’t mean trying for one day and giving up. Nor does it mean doing the same thing over and over again. It’s about having the ability to progress by constantly striving to be better. And most importantly to continue moving forward when failing. A skill in which the Italian show jumping rider ALBERTO ZORZI manages remarkably well. Zorzi’s many podium finishes in the two last years is undoubtedly a result of his exceptional consistency in the ring.


Talking about consistency, CAROLINE WILKS would be one of the most interesting people to follow in the equestrian business world today. Not just because of her past in the finance industry and her family’s very intriguing background in horses. But more so due to how she has applied her financial know-how and expertise to develop an innovative new concept around her passion in the showjumping industry. We had the pleasure to visit her at her lovely home just outside London.

From the Dressage world we have been lucky to meet up with the highly experienced international Grand Prix rider and team bronze Olympian, PRINCESS NATHALIE OF SAYN-WITTGENSTEIN- BERLEBURG and the young surfer-looking, Nordic demi-god, CARL HEDIN. An ambitious and talented Swedish dressage rider, who has cracked the code and understands how to make a business out of today’s social media channels.


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Therese Stub Alhaug


Therese Stub Alhaug
Therese Stub Alhaug


Therese is the editor of Equilife, and is truly dedicated to equestrian sports and horses. She started riding as a little girl, and enjoys her free time with her two horses back home. Portrait interview is her favorite topic, as it has the gift to inspire others through peoples stories, knowledge, training and general life-philosophy, and certainly, their lives with horses.

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