Horse of Kings, Thief of Hearts

“Horse of Kings” is a cinematic search for the story of the Carthusian horse. The roots, triumphs and future of this oldest Spanish breed.

The award-winning documentary “Horse of Kings, Thief of Hearts” takes you to Jerez de la Frontera, in Spain – and the culture of Andalusia, using the Carthusian-Andalusian or Carthujano horses as its entry point. A branch of the Andalusian breed carefully developed by an exclusive group of Catholic monks. They have one of the oldest stud books in the world. They are also considered the purest bloodline in the breed. 

The movie shows the history of the Carthusian Horse. It touches topics as cattle herding, saddle making, War Horse and Show, Morphology, End of the Carthusian Monastery, Showtime with The Peraltas, Bullfighting & La Parrilla, Breeding Farm Hierro del Bocado, Jacobo Delgado Las Lumbreras, Sport Horse and the Future of the Carthusian breed.

How and why did this breed come about? How did the bloodline of the Carthusian horse remain so pure? What role did the Carthusian monks in the Spanish Jerez de la Frontera play in its history? Is this Spanish breed threatened by all kinds of breeding programmes or is it that the pure Carthusian bloodline is nurtured and safeguarded? All these questions will be up for discussions in the movie.

Therese Stub Alhaug
Therese Stub Alhaug


Therese is the editor of Equilife, and is truly dedicated to equestrian sports and horses. She started riding as a little girl, and enjoys her free time with her two horses back home. Portrait interview is her favorite topic, as it has the gift to inspire others through peoples stories, knowledge, training and general life-philosophy, and certainly, their lives with horses.

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