The Double Olympic Gold medalist, Michael Jung, has moved the sport of eventing to another level. Not is he only a great horseman – mastering different horses – he is also a superb dressage rider, wonderful cross country, and a fabulous showjumper.

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“This is Michael’s way of working horses, having them through and supple, obedient and willing to work. He doesn’t squeeze them into a frame, he asks them to work, and since – and I think this is the real background of his enormous success with any kind of horse, from the cat Roxie to the stiff lorry Halunke – he is always in perfect balance with the horse he gives them the confidence they need no matter what effort comes next,”  said Jan Tönjes,  the editor of Germany’s premier equestrian publication, St Georg, to THE HORSE MAGAZINE.

THE HORSE MAGAZINE just wrote a nice story about the Golden boy and Olympic gold medalist: Micheal Jung.



Horb-Altheim 08.11.2011 Homestory Michael Jung: Michael Jung und Der D¸rer TSF Foto: Julia Rau Am Schinnergraben 57 55129 Mainz Tel.: 06131-507751 Mobil: 0171-9517199 R¸sselsheimer Volksbank BLZ 500 930 00 Kto.: 6514006 Es gelten ausschliesslich meine Allgemeinen Gesch‰ftsbedingungen
Photo: Julia Rau Am Schinnergraben
Therese Stub Alhaug
Therese Stub Alhaug


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