EQUESTRIAN LIVING – at a 17th-century Italian estate

Photo Castello di Reschio

Castello di Reschio is a historic estate in Umbria, Italy, known for its meticulously restored medieval castle and the surrounding landscape, where horse culture thrives as an integral part of the estate’s heritage and lifestyle.

A quarter-century ago, the couple of Count Antonio Bolza, then a German-based art book publisher who earlier had fled Hungary, and his Austrian architect wife Countess Angelika put down new roots on the Castello di Reschio estate which was in utter ruins. Fifteen years ago, the Bolzas acquired an adjacent estate to bring the Reschio total to some fifty structures of which twenty-six to date have been restored over its 3,700 acres. In other words, Reschio is not stuck in amber, but is an ongoing working project. 

In essence, the Bolza family resurrects the property’s old ruins, transforming them into homes which they also decorate and furnish for their international buyers. And this is where your dreams of an Italian villa come in: The Bolzas manage the homes to rent, with housekeeping and gardening services and stocked kitchens, which means that at Reschio you can live in splendid seclusion among olive trees, old oaks and cypress lanes, and wake up to misty mornings and birdsong. There’s even a small lake with a rustic cabana for your picnic pleasure. If that’s not enough, you can roam deeper into the Castello di Reschio estate, saddle up on one of its horses, take a cookery class or even go fishing. And if that’s not a dream come true, what is?

We have fallen totally in love with this property; especially it’s architecture and interior design. It also has an art space and hosts musical performances. Be inspired! 


Therese Stub Alhaug
Therese Stub Alhaug


Therese is the editor of Equilife, and is truly dedicated to equestrian sports and horses. She started riding as a little girl, and enjoys her free time with her two horses back home. Portrait interview is her favorite topic, as it has the gift to inspire others through peoples stories, knowledge, training and general life-philosophy, and certainly, their lives with horses.

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